TapWater is an iOS application built to help users track how much water they drink in a day. The app allows a user to set a goal for the number of ounces of water they wish to drink per day and track their progress as they strive to meet that goal. Whenever a user finishes a container of water, they can open the app and tap a button corresponding to that container, hence the name, "TapWater".

The app was inspired by how difficult it can be to add data about water consumption to most health/fitness apps. TapWater seeks to alleviate this problem by allowing users to create "containers" that represent the quantities of water they drink most often. For example, a user may have a 25 ounce water bottle they use frequently. They could add the container to the app and tap it whenever they finish it off.

The iOS app and this site are open source and can be viewed on my Github page.

Special thanks to Cody Rogers for his part in making this project possible.